You have an appointment this weekend with the #RaidersBeta

Raiders of the Broken Planet has achieved a major milestone with a solid base of players and fans signing up and participating in our closed betas. Players are discovering the depth and complexity of the game and we see in your streams and comments that you are playing creatively in a lot of ways. So, we want to celebrate with you!

Hola Raiders!

We’d like to encourage you to share with us your top moves, funny moments and best matches, and you can do so on Twitter using the #RaidersBeta hashtag! Also, our game devs will be active this weekend, and will share with you their best moves and skills, so keep an eye on this hashtag!

As usual, the Beta will start this Saturday 5th of August, 09.00AM Europe/CEST, and will end on Sunday 6th 19.00PM. US servers will be live from Saturday 5th 09:00AM to Sunday 6th 19:00PM (EST), and of course any key-holding closed beta participants can once again take part.

Some things to keep in mind this weekend:

- Some of you asked about how to recruit Shae. While this wasn’t possible before, we have unlocked this character in the roster for this weekend, allowing for more variety to choose from during your games but she’ll only be available with her basic gear during the Beta.

- Did you watch our latest Dev Diaries about gameplay innovation? You can check Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

- If you are looking for a team to play with in this weekends Beta, the Discord community have created a meeting point where you will find other players to go raiding the Broken Planet together.

- Some users are finding that Bitdefender can interfere when trying to log in to the Raiders’ servers. Please, keep it in mind if you are using that service!

- We continue with our Friday’s #RaidersReport, Check the latest instalment here.

See you on the Broken Planet, Raiders