Xbox One Founders Pack Final Update

The Xbox One Founders Pack issue has been solved.


We have confirmation from Microsoft that the certification process is over and the patch has been released. All Founders Pack owners should have no problem accessing the Alien Myths campaign now.

Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies for this delay, and remember you can use the cool Lycus Dion's Space Biker skin on your games!



We have good news for Xbox Founders Pack owners: they already have access to the new Raider, Mikah, and the Lycus Dion Space Biker skin they have obtained as a compensation for this delay. Both can be used when playing the “Hanging by a Thread mission” immediately.  

We have been assured the certification process is almost over, and the Founders Pack owners should have access to the campaign really soon -we will of course let you know the moment this happens. 

We would like to remind all "Play Anywhere" users that they can play Raiders of the Broken Planet for Windows PC if they purchased the Founders Pack with their Xbox One accounts.

Thanks once again for your patience and understanding.


A fix to the Xbox One Founders Pack issue has been found, and it is undergoing the certification process with Microsoft. We expect it to be active very soon, solving the problems the Xbox One and Founders Pack users have experienced when trying to access the campaign content. 

Once the solution is live, Founders Pack owners will also have access to a new Raider, Mikah, 10 days in advance of her official release to the Alien Myths campaign owners. 

On behalf MercurySteam, please accept our sincerest apologies. We are compensating all users affected by this issue with one of the coolest skins in the game: Lycus Dion Space Biker!