This weekend sees a brand new mission introduced called “A Fistful of Sand”

This is a seriously challenging mission where you need to find the second protector! Its’ tough, it’s merciless and its going to push you guys to the absolute limit, so bring your A game or hide in a corner dribbling…

This weekend provides yet another opportunity to bring your deadly skills to the Raiders of the Broken Planet closed beta for PC, PS4 and XboxOne.

The beta starts this Saturday 29th July at 09.00AM Europe/CEST to Sunday 30th 19.00PM. US servers will go live this Saturday 29th 09:00AM to Sunday 30th 19:00PM (EST) and any key-holding closed beta participants can once again take part. So expect numerous bug fixes, character and weapon balancing based on community feedback, as well as some more polish in terms of visuals and presentation too.

Remember that if you have a key, you are able to play each and every weekend the beta is open and please remember to leave your feedback in our forums. It really helps improve the game! So get involved, get into it!!

Beware of the Antagonists!!!