This weekend brings a ton of new changes to the game!

As well as various articles that have bought the game a lot more attention after E3! So be kind to all those newbies playing for the first time! Mwa ha haaaaa!!

Hola Raiders!

We have fixed many bugs that broke the game and caused crashes for some of you. The grapple bug has been fixed too. We are expecting a horde of new players this week and that’s thanks to your kind word of mouth! These are the most important changes in this new update.

Hanging by a thread:
- Changes in the Antagonist respawn points.
- Less waiting time without gameplay.
- We have adjusted down the difficulty in matches with an Antagonist.
- Elite assault enemies’ grapple tells are much more visible now.
- Turrets bug is fixed.

In shock:
- Players have more time to stop Shae’s electrocution in matches without an Antagonist.
- Kuzmann’s life is increased in matches with an Antagonist.

Weapon changes:
- Weapon changes to: Ogon Shtorm BV, Hornet HH3 (Konstantin), Smoking Daisy (Alicia) and Spinning Coin (Lycus).
- The rest of the weapons have been further balanced based on community feedback.

General changes:
- Enemy AI has been improved, now they are much smarter about their position and use of cover.
- Respawn bug is fixed.

Grapple bug is fixed.
- Communicator sounds bugs fixed.

This weekend you will be able to play from Saturday 24th 09:00 to Sunday 25th 19:00 (Europe/CEST). US servers will go live this Saturday 24th 09:00 to Sunday 25th 19:00 (EST).

Please remember to download and update the game before Saturday to avoid any waiting around.

All new players, welcome! Remember that you can leave your feedback in our community forums, it’s really useful for us because it allow us to enhance and improve the game and create a really cool experience for you!

See you this weekend on the Broken Planet, Raiders!