The new BETA is upon us

As we wait for the surprise we have prepared for tomorrow, we thought you’d like to hear that the #RaidersBeta is back this weekend, and it will feature some changes from previous editions.

Hola Raiders!

We are back to the #RaidersBeta this weekend! And that’d be right after a BIG announcement about Raiders of the Broken Planet. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for more information! 

As usual, the Beta will start on Saturday 19th, 09:00 Europe /CEST, and ends on Sunday 20th, 19:00PM Europe /CEST. US servers will be live from Saturday 19th 09:00AM to Sunday 20th 19:00PM (EST), and of course any key-holding closed beta participants can once again join in the fun!

As we speak, the team is busy implementing some important changes to the “In Shock” mission, thanks to the feedback you provided (Thanks!), thus this mission won’t be available next weekend. Those changes will add gameplay options and implement new strategies, and we are testing it hard to ensure it’s perfect when you get to play it.

Here’s a list of the improvements you will find on this new Beta:  

- New “Universe” section added to the game (WIP) 

- Hints and Tips texts added to the loading screens (Might be in Spanish though!)

- Improved HUD, including D Pad options.

- Improved Boss health bar.

- Polished IA for the Grunts’ behaviour.

- Bug fixing to avoid losing Aleph upon entering a cutscene.

- Overall performance optimization for all the missions.

We are also working on character balance. We have seen some interesting debate about Shae and Konstantine in our forums, and we encourage you to add to it with your impressions after the Beta -That’s all important to us!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow, and don’t forget to share your thoughts about the game using the #RaidersBeta hashtag on Social Media.

See you on the Broken Planet!