RaidersReport 009: Open Beta live now!

This is the last #RaidersReport before Raiders of the Broken Planet launches next Friday, September 22. But we have excellent news for those of you who cannot wait to play the game: You can do it right now!


Yes, the Raiders of the Broken Planet open Beta is now live. You can download it and start playing right away on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Most of us in the dev team will be playing across all platforms during the weekend, so beware of quite experienced Antagonists running rampage!

Remember that your feedback is all-important to us during the beta, so please let us know about your gaming experience on Twitter, Facebook or through the game’s forum.


Konstantin has been one of the most popular (and debated) characters during all the Beta process, and this week we have been treating his fans with some great concept art and renders focussed on him on Social Media. Today, we are also sharing with you Konstantin’s animated comic, that offers an intriguing glimpse to this complex character’s personality.

“The Konstantin unit malfunctioned. It hesitated just an instant, but it was enough for the family hiding in the ruins of Sariss Vaga to escape. Council units are not allowed to fail; the Hunter units are responsible for eradicating them when they do. The Konstantin unit did not survive this encounter, but Konstantin the human did. Over time, Konstantin rebuilt his body and his humanity, free at last from Council control.”

And if you are planning to run Konstantin during the open Beta, you better check out our latest #DevShouts video, where Javier Vela, our QA Lead, offers great insight about how to play with Konstantin as a Raider and as the Antagonist.

That’s all from us this week. Get ready for Raiders of the Broken Planet launch next week!

See you on the Broken Planet, Raiders.