#RaidersReport 004

Here is a special look inside of early concept art of Raiders of the Broken Planet!

Hello Raiders!

Today we have a quite special #RaidersReport. While getting ready for the upcoming Gamescom 2017, we realized we have produced a ton of amazing concept art for Raiders of the Broken Planet that has never been shown before. And some of this stuff is just too cool not to share! 

This very early concept art for Lycus captures perfectly the essence of this wild, charismatic gunslinger -a savage fighter who only finds himself at home in the middle of a firefight. If you compare it to how Lycus looks today, you can guess the team had a very clear idea of how this iconic character should look, as he remains pretty much the same.

The Broken Planet natives have a very strong sense of nobility to themselves. Their pacifist ways and mystic nature are reflected in their body language as well as in their clothes -from humble tunics to the more ornamented outfits wore by priests. Veterans among you will notice a very early version of Harec here!

Recently, our community chose Alicia as their favourite character so far. From the beginning, our artists depicted her as a troubled person (something that you will understand if you read her animated comic). But Alicia is a tremendously resilient woman, who wears her scars with pride. We reckon this concept art really captures her strength.

The Broken Planet shows a ravaged landscape because of the never-ending conflict over Aleph production. This bleak and menacing environment offers, however, hints of a brighter past, and the civilization that thrived on there before the invaders came to shatter the planet.

There are four different factions fighting for supremacy over Aleph production on the Broken Planet. They wage war mindlessly of who gets caught in the crossfire (usually the Broken Planet natives!) It’s up to the Raiders to put an end to that.

Our art team puts a lot of thought behind the design process of a new weapon. A weapon not only has to look cool, but also need to serve a purpose in the game and be consistent with the overall atmosphere of the game. Even if it looks outlandish, a good weapon design must be convincing about how it works and the effects it will have on a game.

We hope you have enjoyed this little peek inside the creative process behind Riders of the Broken Planet. If you did, please let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We have much more to share with you!