#RaidersReport 001

Every Friday we will update you on news, releases, opinions and hot topics that are happening around Raiders of the Broken Planet!

This weekend there won't be any beta session. However we do want to start a new weekly report to you guys on what we are doing and give you updates on the game and some of our other activities: It’s called #RaidersReport.

So let’s start!


With the last PS4 EU keys we had an issue and many of them didn’t work. If this is the case for you, please reach out to us in our forums at the Raiders Hangout and we will send to you a new key very soon!


Last week, the community chose Alicia as their favourite character (in the beta so far) in a poll on twitter. This week we have released Alicia’s backstory as an animated comic! The comic is titled “In her darkest hour” and it tells how Alicia and her friends admired General Marmalade and enthusiastically embraced the addiction to Aleph plasma that he proclaimed. But one day it went too far…You can read all about it here.


Our fans have created a cool unofficial discord server, if you want to have a live chat about Raiders anytime, you can join it here!


There are several debates in the community that we are paying a lot of attention to. We really appreciate that you write and give us your feeback, here are some of the highlighted topics and feel free to get involved:

- About the rewards system

- About Shae and how to use her

- About the weapons of Harec


There are some interesting articles online talking about Raiders of the Broken Planet, here are some of them:

- http://www.passthecontroller.co.uk/features/game-chat-sam-james-discuss-raiders-of-the-broken-planet 

- http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/reviews/game-review-raiders-of-the-broken-planet-beta-ps4/

- https://tecnoslave.com/enric-alvarez-mercury-steam/

With this we finish our first #RaidersReport. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram and stay tuned regarding the lastest news, and of course, don’t forget to visit our forums! There are lot of information and intresting topics there!

See you Raiders!