Raiders Report 014: Meow

The moment most of you Raiders’ fans out there were asking for is finally here!

Ginebra has joined Harec’s band of outlaws, malcontents and defectors, and she’s a total blast. We can hardly find a game where she’s not chosen as Raider or as an Antagonist ever since, and she excels on both roles!

Last weekend we played hundreds of Raiders of the Broken Planet games on Madrid Gaming Experience, and we treated the fans who attended the event with the chance to be the first players to play with Ginebra. And they loved every minute! She was particularly useful in her felone form when the Raiders lost all their lives and the Antagonists wanted to close in for the kill…



Remember that you can share your feedback on Ginebra, or any other aspect of the game, in our Forum. We really want to hear about your strategies (and counter-strategies!) now that our Lonesome Cougar has joined the Raiders.

See you on the Broken Planet, Raiders.