Raiders Report 013: Auf Wiedersehen, baby.

Fifth Council Special Edition.

This week, our dear Dr. Pavel Kuzmamm is the absolute star of the #RaidersReport is dedicated to the Dr. Pavel Kuzmann, who is now available for all Alien Myths players to unlock.

“But he is a sworn enemy of the Raiders!” we hear you ask. True. So, how come he joined the team after he (sort of) kidnapped Shae? You better have a look to our latest #DevShout video, where you will also learn a couple new tricks and cool tactics for using this adorable madman in your games. 



To commemorate Dr. Kuzmann’s arrival, we thought it would be great to have a closer look to his former faction, the Fifth Council. Here’s a selection of some WIP concept art for that technologically advanced (if a bit soulless) faction, with some sneak peeks into new things to come! Pretty awesome, eh?

The Fifth Council are augmented cybernetic humans originating from Saturn and its numerous moons, who have embraced the amalgamation of human and technology to create the perfect hybrid. They might have been a little too successful, if you ask me…

Many Fifth Council members see this as a natural evolution of humankind and see no boundaries to the level of integration that can exist. 

The Fifth Council is looking to gain control over the Aleph using mind control to locate the so-called Protectors; High Priests who have knowledge of the original tech from the ancient time including Aleph fusion drives and weapons of tremendous power.

But you already know one notorious former Fifth Council member, don’t you? Our very own Konstantine is a dissident from that faction, and defected when he decided to cling to his own humantity.

See you in the Broken Planet!