Raiders of the Broken Planet – Not a Free-To-Play

(but you can try it for free)

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a campaign-based shooter and brawler. When we designed the game, we made two important decisions. First, we wanted each campaign to have a competitive price, charging only 9,99$/€ for a wealth of content. Secondly, we thought it was vital that players had the chance to try the game for free before committing to a buy. It’s the fair thing to do.

But we weren’t satisfied by just offering your regular, out of the mill demo. We wanted this free trial to be significant to the Raiders experience, including all the game’s features and adding an important part of the narrative to it.

That’s exactly what you get when you play the free Prologue: a single player tutorial and a full-blown mission you can play as a Raider or as the Antagonist. By playing those missions, as many times as you wish, you not only get the feel of the 4 vs 1 feel of the game, but also gain significant rewards you can take with you should you decide to purchase your first campaign.

What happens when you purchase the Alien Myths Campaign?

You will have everything you need to experience Raiders of the Broken Planet. You won’t find any “pay to win” shortcuts there –cosmetic skins and unlocking a second and a third loadouts are the only in-game items that can be purchased exclusively with money (Mercury Points), but they don’t offer any additional advantage during your games other than looking extra cool or having to invest less time tailoring your characters. All new characters, weapon blueprints and cards are unlockable with the game’s currency: Gold, Character Points and Faction Points, all obtainable during gameplay.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a game that rewards tactical gameplay and long-term commitment. As the game evolves with the release of the 3 new campaigns, characters and special events, as well as with your feedback, we will keep applying this design philosophy.