Play a brand new mission this weekend!!

Last weekend we didn’t run the beta because we have been working hard on implementing your feedback into the game, so this weekend we want to show you some cool new stuff!

This weekend you will be able to discover one of the biggest secrets of the Broken Planet: The Protectors. If you complete the new mission called “A Breath of Hope” you will get to meet the first of these fabled protector and discover some previously secret stuff regarding the broken planet and the story behind the game! We don’t want to do a big spoiler so, we will only let you to discover a small part of the plot!

Remember that if you have a key, you are able to play every weekend and leave your feedback in our forums. If not, you can register for the beta here:

There are many other updates to the game this weekend too: we have made some adjustments to the difficulty for “In shock” and “Hanging by a thread”, fixed a crash that happens sometimes at the beginning of the combat with Dr. Kuzmann and we have done some back end changes to the matchmaking system to improve wait times.

If you haven’t seen the latest Developer Diary, you can check them out here and discover more about Raiders and the the design choices behind the gameplay!

This weekend you will be able to play from Saturday 8th 09:00 to Sunday 9th 19:00 (Europe/CEST). US servers will go live this Saturday 8th 09:00 to Sunday 9th 19:00 (EST).

See you in the all new Alien Ruins on the Broken Planet this weekend!