Patch Notes V01.03

Raiders of the Broken Planet economy and reward system is changing!

Raiders of the Broken Planet 01.03 update is here, increasing the game’s stability and correcting several known issues. You can read the Patch Notes, including the full list of changes and improvements here: 

- Problems resulting from host renegotiation have been solved. 

- Harec’s “Stalk” ability has been polished to avoid collisions.

- In the “Hanging by a Thread” mission, some collision issues have been solved on the second stage.

- In the “A Fistful of Sand” mission, a bug that caused the Raiders’ instant victory if the Antagonist was grappled while the countdown is stopped has been fixed.

- A bug that prevented the spectator mode to activate if the player’s character was dead while transitioning from one stage of the mission to the next has been fixed.

- The Antagonist’s Aleph loads now update correctly.

- Debug messages no longer appear in the tags section when inviting someone to a squad who doesn’t own the Alien Myths campaign.

- Several language localization bugs have been amended.

- Fifth Council cyborgs now display the prompt “push” when is pertinent.

- Some missing FX for the Antagonist are now displayed correctly.

- Lore texts that couldn’t be properly viewed in several languages have now been corrected.

- A bug that displayed an incorrect Raider Rank when first joining a squad has been fixed.

- General overhaul of Menus and texts.

- A bug that caused the game’s host to lose input after a server’s fall during the initial cinematic has been corrected.

- An incorrect “Connection Error” message that popped up when starting the game is now deleted.

- A bug that corrupted the Antagonist’s HUD after the Raiders’ disconnection has been fixed.

- The bug that broke the HUD after an AFK renegotiation is now corrected.

- Feedback while waiting for the squad members to reach Ready status has been fixed.

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