Next beta starts Saturday 20th!

Once again we will be opening our servers for the next round of closed beta starting this coming Saturday 20th from 09.00 until Sunday 21st at 19.00 (Europe CEST). Our US servers will open from Saturday 20th at 09.00AM until Sunday 21st at 19.00 EST.

Last weekend’s first closed beta was an amazing success. We’d like to thank everyone who took part and especially those who left us feedback which really helps us improve the game.

Apologies for the server and matchmaking issues you experienced last weekend but we’ve been busy fixing many issues and have made many changes to the game which we hope will fix these for the upcoming test but the proof will be in the pudding, so please let us know if you continue to experience connection or matchmaking issues.

Our devs have posted some new information regarding matchmaking and game balancing here. Please check it out and feel free to post your comments in our community forums.

As before there are no restrictions or NDA’s in place, so you are all free to stream and record your gameplay, comment on and review the current state of the game. We encourage you to share your experiences both good and bad. Please remember this is a beta and the game is very much work in progress and you will see many issues and problems. We are holding this beta to get your feedback, and improve the game. We hope you will still have fun but please remember to sign up to our community forums and leave us your feedback, comments and suggestions.

This is a joint effort, we need you to help us make this something special. Thank you for your kind support!

See you on the broken planet, Raiders!