Meet the Wardogs this weekend!

Last weekend we introduced a new mission called “A Breath of Hope” and it allowed you to see for the first time our Elite Wardogs soldiers!

They are stronger than regular grunts and like to get in your face to use their melee skills and they recover their health constantly. Also, when they have an Aleph boost they can consume it to gain immunity for a short time.... making them very dangerous opponents!

We need your help to continue testing this map, so we’re running the Beta again this weekend from Saturday 15th 09:00 to Sunday 16th 19:00 (Europe/CEST). US servers will go live this Saturday 15th 09:00 to Sunday 16th 19:00 (EST)!

Remember that if you have a key, you are able to play every weekend and leave your feedback in our forums.

Good luck Raiders with these bad boys!!