Killfest Event!

Calling to all Raiders! Welcome to the very first Raiders of the Broken Planet event.

Harec sat staring at the components of his sniper rifle laid out in front of him, frowning upon the scattered pieces and distractedly running an oily rag over the well-used barrel. 

“This won’t do. This won’t do at all”, he muttered to himself. 

Admittedly, he had been a little too successful of late recruiting Raiders to his cause. A few months ago, it was just him and Konstantin waging a losing war against the despicable human factions. Now he had to deal with a plethora of bruised egos, cold personalities and even a terminal lunatic or two. 

Tension was mounting as the new recruits inevitably failed to bond with the rest of the team, and Harec was growing weary of playing the father figure every time two of these damned “Terrans” came to blows for every real or imagined cause. Lycus was the worst of all, challenging his leadership at any given opportunity. He needed to put an end to that, and fast, or the group will just tear itself apart. 

He had expected to find some support from Shae at least, but she had only grown colder since he had accepted Kuzmann into the team, still he lived in hope. Perhaps this was not the time or place to try to heal old wounds, he mused. 

Harec reassembled his weapon with a quick succession of expert moves, and then made up his mind. He would not try to limit his team’s aggressive tendencies. Quite the contrary. He would encourage them, and reward those who chose to vent that violence on their enemies. 

He would apply that principle to himself, he decided, leading by example and enforcing his command through his own deeds. That would shut up Lycus for a while at least…

Greetings Raiders!

We want to propose a little challenge for this weekend. Now that Ginebra has joined the team, the ranks of the Raiders have increased considerably, and we have fans debating the pros and cons of their preferred characters on Facebook, Twitter and in the Forums. The time has come to take action and stand by your favourite Raider to see who really is the best! 

Here at MercurySteam we have decided that it will be YOU who decide which cards get released. To that end, we will monitor all matches taking place this weekend, from Friday 10, 5:00 pm CET, to Sunday 12, 11:00pm CET. We will release a new card for the top three characters who total the most kills during the weekend.

Pretty simple, right? Just pick your character and score as many kills with him or her as you can! We will announce the results next week.

See you on the Broken Planet, Raiders.