Due to popular demand, we run the closed beta this weekend!

In fact, XBOX users are going to be able to check out the new features that PS4 and STEAM players tried last week.

As usual, EUR servers will go live this Saturday 17th 09:00 to Sunday 18th 19:00 (Europe/CEST). US servers will go live this Saturday 17th 09:00 to Sunday 18th 19:00 (EST).

Please note there are some known bugs in the build: it’s possible that the respawn funtion doesn’t work properly and melee can have some missing frames and glitches, is not frequent, but you may come across it. We are working on fixes.

If you missed last weekend beta, these are the new features that were added to this version:

- Lots of you have found the implementation of the grapple frustrating. We’ve added new sound effects and visual cues to better telegraph the move to players. During this more obvious signal, you now have a clearer window of opportunity to parry this move with a strike.

- We’ve added more character information to allow you to better understand the abilities and skills unique to your chosen Raider. You can access this anytime in game by pressing D-Pad up on your controller or “1” if your using keyboard and mouse.

- We’e adjusted the camera control when your character is wounded. It’s now much easier to control your character and the camera, giving you better chances of survival.

- We’ve made changes to the UI/HUD to make it easier to access the solo and matchmaking modes. In addition, we hope the rewards interface is clearer now. 

- We’ve added more information to the quick guide section. In particular, there is a detailed explanation on how to mange your characters profile, create a new build and a beginners section that outlines how to handle your first contact with the game.

- We’ve improved the matchmaking system. You should find matches quicker, be paired with players of more equal skill and much better management of Antagonist appearance rates.

- We’ve added more content including new player skins. Please note these are work in progress with many effects not yet implemented but we thought you might like to check them out regardless.

- We’ve balanced weapons with many improvements based on your feedback.

- General bug fixes and stability issues have been fixed. 

Thanks for playing!