#Devshouts - Character focus: Alicia

We release a brand new Raiders of the Broken Planet video, focusing on one of the game’s most iconic characters: Alicia.

The Raiders fans recently voted Alicia as their favourite character during the Beta, and for a good reason. She has a very defined Assault profile, thanks to her superhuman agility and high speed. Her weapons of choice are repeater shotguns, nicely complementing her superb mobility with great mid-range firepower.

Here is the first on the new #DevShouts series, we delve into the tactical aspects of the game, and hint how to get the best out of your Raider of choice. In this occasion, one of our Game Designers shares his preferred build when playing as Alicia. 

Alicia is a… “complicated” person. Like the rest of the Raiders, she has her own reasons to join Harec’s band of misfits. You can learn more about her troubled past in her comic

You can also see also some new art below!