BETA schedule for this weekend & First Impressions

Come on Raiders! Next beta is here! Also the first impressions about the game!

The time has come and we are very excited to finally begin the next important phase of our closed beta program! The previous round of testing was very helpful in improving the game and we hope you like what we’ve done since then.

Our closed beta servers will be live from Saturday 13th at 09:00 and will close Sunday 14th at 19:00 (Europe / CEST). In the US, we open Saturday 13th at 09:00 and will close Sunday at 19:00 (EST). Remember you can download and update the game right now before playing and avoid long waiting times once the servers open.

Although we are still in closed beta. There are no restrictions or NDA’s, so you can record and stream gameplay, comment or review the game and, of course, share your experiences however you see fit.

Please remember this is a work in progress and you will see many issues and problems with the game which remain work in progress but we hope this won’t detract from your experience and we hope you take the opportunity to sign up to our community forum, The Raiders Hangout and leave us your feedback.

It’s your feedback and comments that will help us improve and shape the game as we prepare to release it to the rest of the World. Thank you for your kind support!

And there are more!

Some media have start writing First Impressions articles, you can read some of them here:

“Trolling is the best part of Raiders of the Broken Planet” – Kotaku

“t's pretty easy to read and get to grips with, and thereafter incredibly hard to master. And it really feels like something fresh and different” – Gamereactor